Traditional Thai Massage Berwick - Relaxes Mind and Body - Soothes Discomfort

What is Traditional Thai Massage?

The origins of Thai Massage are said to originate from Buddhist monasteries, where it was taught and practiced in families.
Dr Shivago, founder of Nuad-Bo Rarn Thai Massage, was a physician and contemporary of Buddha, who many believe was the father of this treatment of medicine.

A ‘typical’ Thai Massage session is totally different to the modern style that we know. A traditional massage would usually last three hours, but due to work and busy lifestyles, it has been modified to a sessions that lasts for at least one!

Thai Massage is usually performed in comfortable loose fitting clothing, which the client wears to the session. It is a combination of fingers, elbows, hands, feet and knees used whilst relaxing on the floor.

A good therapist learns to create trust and a positive reception between them and their client, creating meditative space for both participants to move into.

They use different techiques, movements, stretches and focuses on the pressure points in the body, to allow the client a relaxed, refreshed and balanced outcome.

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